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About us

Welcome to Mimtto
Clothes & Accessories for dogs



We are a group of fashion and graphic designers based in France. Being dog owners we wanted to create clothing for our dogs allowing them to feel free and comfortable in any situation while looking stylish.


We have always enjoyed working with fabrics, patterns, and colours, so it was only natural that we started making clothes for our dogs. Our aim was to create luxury clothing for small dogs.

Our products are definitely "outside the box" compared to other typical dog wear making them completely original and unique. We specially select fabrics and trims with quality and individuality in mind. The majority of items are sourced locally here in Paris, France.

The designs we use tend to evolve from one piece to the next because of inspiration found in every day trends. You will not find anything childish about our products. We believe that "cute" represents elegance and class.


Our approach to dog fashion redefines "cute" in terms of sophistication making our products "haute couture" for dogs. We will make your dog look just as good as you. If you're looking for a unique piece for a special event or maybe you're just super chic, then our clothing brand is perfect for you!


Take a look at all our clothing pieces and e-mail us if you have any questions. Thank you.


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